Mission Statement

Women on Wheels Uganda (WoW) is an organization of women and men devoted to empowering Ugandan women to become more productive and prosperous through the increased use of bicycles and motorcycles. It was registered as a community based non-government organization in 2017.

Its mission is set out clearly in the society’s Constitution.
Our MISSION: Help all Ugandan women use bicycles and motorcycles……village by village.

Our VISION: All Ugandan women will be free of all gender inequalities and take their place as equal members of Ugandan society. By having equal access to the use of bicycles to enhance their own productivity and prosperity, Uganda’s women will contribute a huge increment to Uganda’s GDP.

We AIM to teach Ugandan women and men about the historical, cultural impediments to women riding bicycles and to teach women the mechanics of bicycle riding. Starting in Kabale, we aim to become a national organization.